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Virginie Schroeder
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Virginie Schroeder - Masque Sensuel
Virginie Schroeder - Mascarade Burlesque
Virginie Schroeder - Douceur II
Virginie Schroeder - Liberty
Virginie Schroeder - Charme Fatal 2
Virginie Schroeder - Serenity
Virginie Schroeder - Sentiment de liberte
Virginie Schroeder - La caresse de la vague
Virginie Schroeder - Etre femme
Virginie Schroeder - État pur de sensualité (published)
Virginie Schroeder - Splendide diamant (published)
Virginie Schroeder - Élan de liberté
Virginie Schroeder - Liberté éternelle
Virginie Schroeder - Sensual Tango

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Virginie was born in Algrange, Moselle (France) in 1976. She now resides in Québec.

The artistic world of Virginie Schroeder takes us to a sensual universe glowing with burlesque and fantasy. Her portraits have evolved from a festive universe; a dreamlike world inspired by Parisian cabarets and Montréal shows as well as other late night scenes unlimited by censure. Virginie’s works are as enigmatic as the portraits she represents, leaving to our imagination the true intentions of these goddesses like figures.

Always taking great care to present a balance between abstract and realism, her works present an invitation of curiosity and a magical stage allowing us to dream. The viewer is encouraged to decipher her message and to question feelings that arise.

Virginie’s canvases are created using various mixed media techniques such as: collage, gilding, scraping, airbrushing and painting. Materials include acrylic and oil paint mediums as well paper and fabric, all superimposed to create a transparent pattern of dynamic gestures with depth and richness.

An instinctive dynamic and highly energetic artist, her spontaneity and brush-stokes uncover a sure hand, a boldness of gesture, and confidence in her subject matter.