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Peter Wyse
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Peter Wyse - Snow Mobile
Peter Wyse - Chirp
Peter Wyse - Listen
Peter Wyse - The Silly Three
Peter Wyse - Winnipeg Whiteout I
Peter Wyse - Winnipeg Whiteout II
Peter Wyse - The Magic Hour
Peter Wyse - The Blizzard
Peter Wyse - My Biggest Fan
Peter Wyse - My Bear
Peter Wyse - Road Boy
Peter Wyse - The First Star
Peter Wyse - The Three Stars
Peter Wyse - Winnipeg Boys
Peter Wyse - Air Show
Peter Wyse - Hubba Hubba
Peter Wyse - Boys Day
Peter Wyse - The Great Bear
Peter Wyse - The Lion Tamer
Peter Wyse - Good Night
Peter Wyse - Summer's Bliss
Peter Wyse - The Recap
Peter Wyse - Hot Chocolate Break
Peter Wyse - The Night Guard
Peter Wyse - Black-Capped Chickadees
Peter Wyse - Sleep Calls
Peter Wyse - Here I Stand
Peter Wyse - Canada Kid
Peter Wyse - The Allstar
Peter Wyse - Jet Boy
Peter Wyse - Black-Capped Chickadee
Peter Wyse - Little Jet
Peter Wyse - A Perfect Day
Peter Wyse - The Rain Dancer
Peter Wyse - Shinny
Peter Wyse - Ice Would Be Nice
Peter Wyse - Of The North
Peter Wyse - Artist Series Cycling Jersey - "Around The Bend" by Peter Wyse

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Peter Wyse, a Sobey Art Award nominee, was born in 1970 (The Year of the Dog) in Kamloops, British Columbia. He works from his home studio in the historic village of Clayburn, 75 km east of Vancouver. Peter shares this charming space with his wife, son, and labradoodle ‘Scout’.

Peter was introduced to art at an early age through his grandfather, R.E.Walker, who schooled his grandson in the practice of painting and the discipline required by an artist. He later studied art history and fine arts at the University of British Columbia. Four years after receiving his degree, his grandfather suggested, “Time to quit your day job!” This encouragement has led to successful solo and group exhibitions in BC, Alberta and Washington State. His work is now featured in private collections throughout the world.

“I live within a landscape of dogs and frogs, flora and fauna, and even a rubber duck or two. My life is both peaceful and playful and this is what I paint.”

Peter Wyse’s eclectic art interests range from Matisse and Rothko to the murals of Mesoamerica. These influences are evident within his spatial relationships and with his lively use of colour and line. While Peter has worked with a range of mediums, he now paints exclusively with acrylics. Insatiably curious, Peter takes great delight in the mundane, using his unique style of layering and sanding flat coats of paint to reveal how the ordinary can become extraordinary.