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What's New

Hearts & Flowers for Valentines!
New works from Berting Glass & Melan
We have some gorgeous new glass flutter bowls and heart ornaments in the gallery from Berting Glass. We just received new flower paintings from Melan with more on the way! Pop by the gallery to check them out!

Click here to view more artwork by Berting Glass.

Click here to view more artwork by Melan.

New Hugh G. Rice Paintings
We have new Hugh G. Rice paintings on display in the gallery and they are a must see this winter!

Hugh Rice is continuously exploring different painting techniques and his work is always evolving. White his last series of paintings are a contrast of bright colours and a soft application, the newest ones showcase the opposite; soft colours with an energetic application that create an interesting juxtaposition of calm and excitement. Make sure to step out of the cold and come in and see his new paintings.
New Paintings by Melissa Jean
We have some new, bright and colourful fall paintings from Melissa Jean. Her vivid colours and unique perspective reflect the beauty of the fall season and they will be featured throughout the season. They are a must see, so bring in your pumpkin spice latte and have a look!!
New Painings by Louise Larouche
We just recieved these two vibrant paintings from Louise Larouche. These rugged portrayals of the Canadian landscapes are a treat to see. Make sure you stop by and see them in person.

New Paintings by Claudette Castonguay
It feels like summer in the gallery with Claudette Castonguay's new paintings. Her paintings are bright, full of life with colorful flowers and are a joy to look at.
Come see them in person, as they will surely brighten up your day.
New Paintings by Melissa Jean
Tired of winter? Come and get a taste of summer with Melissa Jean's new paintings.

Melissa Jean's stunning Lake of the Woods paintings make you want to dive right into them. Her bold colours and unique perspectives are warming up the gallery as we speak.

They will be on display until April 18th so make sure you come by gallery to see them .
New February Display

Bring your loved ones out of the cold and into gallery full of warm and romantic colour in our new February display. Inspired by valentines day we have some beautiful paintings By Melan and Virginie Schroeder on display to try and keep us warm in this very cold February.
Something for Everyone
A vairety of new paintings
The gallery is full of colour and warmth so if you didn't get a chance to come in over the holidays and see all the beautiful new paintings we got, they are still on display!

Come and see new works by Peter Wyse, Angela Morgan, Virgine Schroder and many more.

It's Hockey Season
New Paintings by Rick Bons, Robert Roy & Peter Wyse
New hockey paintings by Rick Bond, Robert Roy are here!

Stay tuned for more hockey paintings coming from Peter Wyse!
Please contact us if you would like to among the first to be contacted about these new paintings.

New Paintings by Claudette Catonguay
Cats, Cats and more Cats :)
New whimsical paintings of cats by Claudette Castonguay!
New Paintings by Melissa Jean
On Display September 2013
We are excited to be featuring Melissa Jean in the gallery for the month of September. We just received 2 dozen new paintings from Melissa and have several framed and on display.

We are so proud of Melissa for how far she has come in such a short time. Some emerging artists take decades to get noticed by galleries and sometimes never establish a national following. Since the Fall of 2010 when we started representing Melissa, we have sold dozens of her paintings to collectors across Canada and she has been recognized and is now represented in 3 other established Canadian Galleries.

Please visit us to see the new work on display in the gallery!
Summer 2013 New Arrivals
Claudette Castonguay, Angela Morgan, Hugh Rice, Peter Wyse
New Artwork has arrived in the gallery by Claudette Castonguay, Angela Morgan, Hugh G. Rice and Peter Wyse.

Click the images to view these paintings or visit the gallery in person, we would love to see you!

View more collages by Claudette Castonguay

View more paintings by Angela Morgan

View more paintings by Hugh G Rice

View more paintings by Peter Wyse
Prairie Paintings
By Steve Coffey, Hugh G. Rice, Carl Schlademan
New Prairie Impressions and Abstractions!
Prairie Paintings by Carl Schlademan
Featured Artist May 2013
Eight gorgeous new prairie paintings by Carl Schlademan have arrived in the gallery! He captures the light and depth so perfectly and in person you can almost walk right into these dramatic landscapes. Come visit us in the gallery to see several paintings by Carl Schaldeman framed and on display starting Tuesday April 30th.

Click here to view many more available paintings by Carl Schaldeman.
April New Arirvals
New Paintings by Melan, Peter Wyse
New Paintings have arrived by Melan (Melanie Simard) and Peter Wyse.

Please click on the images for details.

Click here to view more available paintings by Melan

Click here to view more available paintings by Peter Wyse
March New Arrivals
Ceramics by Heather Dahl and Paintings by Gerard Lapointe & Claudette Castonguay
Bright and functional new ceramics by Heather Dahl have arrived! We are looking forward to a Meet & Greet with Heather in May - stay tuned or contact us to be notified with more details.

8 new paintings by Gerard Lapointe featuring rolling hills of Chalevoix, Quebec and 4 new colourful Spring inspired paintings by Claudette Castonguay!

Click here to view more ceramics by Heather Dahl

Click here to view more paintings by Gerard Lapointe

Click here to view more paintings by Claudette Castonguay
New Paintings by Melissa Jean & Hugh G. Rice
Visit the gallery to see new paintings on display by Melissa Jean and Hugh G. Rice!

Click here to view more available works by Melissa Jean.

Click here to view more available works by Hugh G. Rice

New Paintings by Connie Geerts
13 new paintings by Connie Geerts on display in the gallery!

Click here to view more available works by Connie Geerts.
Rod Charlesworth
New Gallery Artist
Visit the gallery to see paintings by our newest gallery artist Rod Charlesworth!

Rod Charlesworth is represented in several galleries across Canada and is collected worldwide. Rod is committed to painting images that have a strong Canadian cultural influence, expressed through his bold landscapes or his whimsical images of children at play.
Welcoming Heather Dahl
New Colourful Ceramics in the Gallery
Heather Braun-Dahl is a painter and ceramic artist working in Vancouver, Canada. After graduating with a BFA from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2001, life got busy- traveling, kids, teaching, and making art. In 2007, Heather decided the best things in life ought to come together under one roof. And so the concept of dahlhaus was formed- painting, ceramics, for the home, about connections in life, to be shared with friends, given as gifts, or kept for the utter enjoyment of art on the wall, or the mantle, or the table.

Dahlhaus is inspired by the concept of connection and community within an urban, modern setting. Rooted in an interest in abstract painting, combined with a nod to the Bauhaus art and architecture movement from the 1920's, dahlhaus strives to connect art to life in both a practical and conceptual way.

Heather throws pottery on the wheel, or hand-builds platters, mixes the glazes, and glazes each piece with multiple glazing processes. All ceramics are made with food-safe glazes. Fired to cone 6, these pieces can be used in the microwave, washed in the dishwasher, and warmed in the oven.

Click to view our new collection of ceramics by Heather Dahl

New Paintings by Guy Roy
Vibrant, Rich & Inviting
Using a palette knife to apply thick oil paints in vibrant colours, the texture in Guy Roy's paintings is incredibly rich and inviting. Three new large paintings on canvas arrived just arrived and will be on display in the gallery soon. Come by the gallery and see these vibrant new works in person.

Click here to view more available paintings by Guy Roy
New Paintings by Cameron Bird

We just received three amazing new paintings from BC artist Cameron Bird! These pieces are vibrant in colour and, as in all of his work, have incredible texture. Cameron's unique brush strokes and application of paint clearly identify his work from any others. These paintings look great in their photos on the website but I strongly encourage you to see these works in person. They are really something! View more available paintings by Cameron Bird here.
New Paintings by Lynn Garceau
Visit the gallery to be surrounded by Lynn Garceau's new bright over-sized floral paintings. These stunning pieces would make showstoppers to any space.

Click the images for details.
Click here to view more paintings by Lynn Garceau.
New Arrivals
Angela Morgan & Peter Wyse
Please visit the gallery to see these new paintings by Angela Morgan and Peter Wyse in person! Click the images for details.
New Prairie Paintings by Steve Coffey
Born in Portage la Prairie and raised in Winnipeg, Steve Coffey loves painting prairie skies. Now living in Alberta, he is also a well-known western Canadian singer-songwriter with a number of recordings that have received critical acclaim.

Below are 5 new oil paintings that just arrived in the gallery. We have them framed and featured on the gallery walls already! Please pop in the gallery to see the texture and movement in his dancing skies in person.

Click here to view more available work by Steve Coffey.
New Paintings by Melissa Jean
Please visit the gallery to view these new awe inspiring paintings in person.

Melissa was recently featured in Galleries West Magazine, Spring 2012 issue, in the Collectors section as on of "9 Artists to consider right now" by Richard White. click to read

Mark your calendars for September 2012. Woodlands Gallery is hosting a Solo Exhibition of New Paintings by Melissa Jean. We are expecting at least 20 brand new pieces for the show.

Prairie Skies Forever
New Paintings by Holly Ann Friesen
Come visit us to see these beautiful open prairie skies by Holly Ann Friesen!

Click the image to view more...
Hockey Paintings by Robert Roy
Featured Artist - Feb. 14th to March 3rd
We have 9 paintings framed and featured in the gallery now!
Come by and see all the action in person!

Click on the images for details or visit his artist page on the gallery website to view all available paintings.

For a sneak peak at some photos of the Robert Roy display in the gallery click here to visit our Facebook Page.

New Jewellery by Cathy Sutton
Unique Canadian Wearable Art
One of a kind wearable art by Cathy Sutton.

Click here to view all available pieces by Cathy Sutton.
New Paintings by Cameron Bird & Carl Schlademan

Welcome Virginie Schroeder
New Gallery Artist

New Arrivals
by Cameron Bird, Connie Geerts, Alex Suprowich, Weiming Zhao
New Arrivals by Connie Geerts and Weiming Zhao. Please click on the images for details.
New Arrivals August 2011
Paintings by Holly Ann Friesen, Connie Geerts, Carl Schlademan, Betty Suprowich
Please click on the images for details.
"Trailride" by Rick Bond
Welcome to Summer!
New Jewellery by Cathy Sutton
One of A Kind Wearable Art
There are some great new pieces featured in the gallery by Cathy Sutton. Cathy's wearable art pieces are each one of a kind. She forges and casts all her own metals including copper, silver and gold into unique fashionable designs. She also uses her own lamp-worked glass combined with gems, stones and crystals. Click on the images below for detailed views of these great new pieces. Please visit the gallery to see her beautiful designs in person.

To view more available pieces by Cathy Sutton please click here to visit her artist page.

Mono Prints by Ewa Tarsia
More mono-prints just added!
Several more monoprints by Ewa Tarsia just added!